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Each act ends with either an all-new boss or a returning one that behaves completely differently. Some of these encounters are quite spectacular – keep an eye out for references to Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine and Star Wars! You might even notice some 3D effects in the backgrounds of later fights, but they’re done in the style of the Sega 32X and Saturn – perfectly in line with what you’d expect from a proper Sonic game of that era. Unfortunately, Eggman (a.k.a. Dr. Robotnik) and his new team of Egg-Robos, the Hard-Boiled Heavies, have reached it first. This strange gem possesses powers beyond those of the Chaos Emeralds, warping time and space. Eggman and his team are transported back to Green Hill Zone, with Sonic and Tails hot on their heels.

Despite being one of the most recognisable mascots in all of gaming, the blue blur that is Sonic The Hedgehog hasn’t exactly had the most amazing time of it in recent years. There’s been dozens of different Sonic and Sonic related games over the years, but it’s undeniable that not all of them were actually good. Fortunately though, we’re only here to talk about 20 of the best ones. And for those who’d rather just run around like a maniac, there’s an Anniversary Play Sonic Games Online – Emulator Games Online mode with unlimited lives and full-screen support. This shall be a domain of my 10-year-old twins, and if you ever see one of my online handles playing it rest assured it’s them.

Sonic the HedgeHog 2 (

As a first-party developer, the team behind the Sonic franchise enjoyed the benefits of working closely with the hardware team to get the most out of the system. This collaboration led to such innovations as the lock-on technology with Sonic & Knuckles on Genesis, and the Visual Memory Unit for the Dreamcast. With the Dreamcast’s discontinuation and Sega’s decision to restructure as a multiplatform third-party developer, the luxury Sonic Team had enjoyed since its inception disappeared. Despite the game being hailed as a triumph, Naka said he wouldn’t develop another Sonic game if he had Americans on the team, so Sonic 3 was created almost entirely by Japanese developers.

  • Those were the two main criteria, but then the character had to be designed.
  • One reviewer said you can either give this game a 1 or a 10 and both ratings are understandable.
  • Sonic needs to recover the Chaos Emeralds and save his friends.
  • Back in the day, PC gaming mags didn’t just come packed with previews, tips, and screenshots.

Sonic finds himself on the Starfall islands separated from his friends. He must go on a journey to explore massive ruins, collect the Chaos Emeralds, fight robots, and save everyone. Teasers have also shown a small girl named Sage who seems very apathetic.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 release date, cast and everything you need to know

Although the roadmap does not confirm any specifics regarding these characters, it does include images of Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, which may mean that fans can finally play as them again. The story is where I was most surprised, and the writers deserve a huge amount of praise for this. I was expecting the game’s story to be just a stopover between the fantastical battles, and how I was wrong, each character in the game has a story arc.

Game Informer called Sonic Frontiers the best 3D Sonic game in years, praising its open-world formula. GamesRadar+ praised the storytelling, but found the gameplay repetitive. Writing for VG247, Tom Orry criticized the Nintendo Switch port, citing a perceived poor frame rate and graphical glitches not found in the other versions of the game. Ian Flynn, who wrote Sonic the Hedgehog comics published by Archie Comics and IDW Publishing and episodes of the Sonic Boom TV series, wrote the script. Iizuka asked Flynn to write Frontiers after reading his work on the IDW comics. He felt Flynn understood the Sonic cast and would bring “a great improvement to the characters’ emotions and dialogue”.

After a series of struggles on the home-gaming hardware side, Sega stopped making consoles in 2001, unable to build the popularity of its Dreamcast console. It was a major blow for a company that had once been on top of the US video games market. In response, Sega shifted its focus to making and publishing games for its former competitors’ many platforms.

I instantly loved the character, the world, the music, and became obsessed. Of course, I also started reading the comics, buying any toy or plushie I saw, watching the cartoons, buying the novels etc. Just something about it captured my attention like nothing before or since.

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